Coffee Roasting Course (Code M32)


Day 1

  • Defects of green coffee
  • Use of soft beans in blends
  • Arabica Soft Natural beans
  • Arabica Soft Washed beans
  • Robusta
  • Roasting Sessions
  • Roasting profiles

Day 2

  • Defects of green coffee
  • Use of hard beans in blends
  • Arabica Hard Washed beans
  • Arabica Hard Natural beans
  • Roasting Sessions
  • Roasting profiles

Meet The Trainer: Antonio Biscotti

Antonio Biscotti roasted his first coffee almost 30 years ago and has never looked back. He is the co-owner with Claudia Balzan of Griso, a micro-roastery and bar in Seveso in the province of Milan, awarded the Bargiornale national Bar Award for the best coffee house in Italy. Between one batch and another, Antonio Biscotti has been consulting and training in his travels around Asia and Australia, where he also explored the areas with a view to opening his shops in one of the fastest-growing areas in the world (his first coffee house was opened in China). Before being a trainer, Antonio Biscotti considers himself first and foremost a student, which is why he spends the majority of his free time on technical publications, seeking dialogue with colleagues and experimenting with new ideas whenever he has the chance.

Our Education Philosophy

Our goal is to reach that point in the relationship between the teacher and the student where there is a blurring of the roles, that moment in which the pupil reaches the understanding that, however extensive the knowledge of the master, he can question him. This occurs when the teacher willingly imparts all that he knows to the student, as well as encouraging critical spirit and the persistent and continuous desire to find out more, which are, after all, the most important resources in personal development.