Green Coffee Course

This course will be available in the first quarter of 2021.

Meet The Trainer: Adriano Cafiso

Adriano Cafiso is an Italian coffee hunter. He started working in 2007 in Peru with the idea of adding value to the coffee supply chain of the native community Yanesha in the Central Amazon forest. After that he worked ten years for important Italian roasters as coffee buyer specialized in direct trade. He is currently living in Dubai managing the selection and the distribution of coffee from sustainable cultivations in Africa, Asia and South America.

Our Education Philosophy

Our goal is to reach that point in the relationship between the teacher and the student where there is a blurring of the roles, that moment in which the pupil reaches the understanding that, however extensive the knowledge of the master, he can question him. This occurs when the teacher willingly imparts all that he knows to the student, as well as encouraging critical spirit and the persistent and continuous desire to find out more, which are, after all, the most important resources in personal development.