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Our professionals represent the heart of our training system. They all have a significant experience that allows them to pass on to our customers skills that are really useful for their professional life. Our professionals are always available for courses or consulting in Italy or directly at the clients' facilities.

Antonio Biscotti

Antonio Biscotti roasted his first coffee almost 30 years ago.  He is the co-owner with Claudia Balzan of Griso, a micro-roastery and bar in Seveso in the province of Milan, awarded the Bargiornale national Bar Award for the best coffee house in Italy. His blend “La Comare Segreta” won the Platinum Medal at the International Coffee Tasting organized by Iiac. Antonio Biscotti has been consulting and training in his travels around Asia. His first coffee house outside Italy was opened in China.

Simona Rey

Accuracy and obstinacy led her to work at the english roasting company Monmouth and to achieve her Q Grader qualification. She is the co-founder of Hub Coffee Lab, a specialty coffee micro-roaster on the beautiful Garda Lake. Sensory analysis and roasting are her passion and she is in charge of carefully selecting and roasting every single coffee proposed by her micro-roastery.

Mario Regazzo

Mario Regazzo has a very long experience in blending and roasting with his Caffè Sempre family micro roastery in the Venice area. He is Espresso Italiano Trainer for Iiac. In 2019 his blend Ora won the Gold Medal at the International Coffee Tasting.

Adriano Cafiso

Adriano Cafiso is a coffee hunter. He worked 10 years at some important Italian roasting companies with the aim of buying coffee directly from the origins. He moved to Dubai where he began a selection and distribution of coffee from sustainable crops in Africa, Asia and South America.

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